More Productivity and Profits

business-163464_1280(1)If businesses use multiple¬†vehicles and a lot of¬†equipment to provide its customers with services, fleet tracking and management can pay off in big ways. A fleet management system can yield more productivity and greater efficiency allowing businesses and corporation to save in time and money. Fleet management is used for all vehicles, (cars, trucks, aircrafts and trains) and equipment that must be on the job-site for companies and corporations to provide their services to their clients. All business sectors, governments, corporations and service companies, can manage their fleets more efficiently and effectively through real time data provided by vehicle tracking. With GPS fleet tracking it’s possible to find stolen vehicles and equipment faster than ever before. Not only do companies have the ability to see where their vehicles are at any given moment, but through telemetric, they also know driver behavior, fuel consumption and available personnel for service calls and delivery. Companies using fleet tracking and management are said to be increasing by 31 percent a year and this is a global phenomenon.

ux-787968_1280Added to the convenience of having such data on hand is the improved ability to schedule routine maintenance and servicing for fleets and diagnostics for individual vehicles. Information is provided on all vehicles that allow companies to know when a vehicle is not functioning properly as well as other data such as fuel consumption, driver behavior including speed and braking, and deviations from the designated route. The company can also inform drivers and other vehicle operators of traffic conditions, the best routes to take, and last minute inclusion on the route. The availability to provide this information to the fleet management team in real time results in more productive and cost saving operations. It also helps to save lives and results in quicker dispatching of police and medical emergency vehicles. Fleet management and tracking helps make the world safer as well as offer increased productivity and cost saving.

There are many options for fleet management and tracking services. Companies can buy software and equip their vehicles with tracking devices, use a professional service that provides the equipment, software and other services, or use a professional service that does all the work and provide advice on the changes that need to be made to make the company run more smoothly, efficiently and productively. However fleet management is handled, the company will still experience the benefits of minimized risks, improved efficiency and productivity and better time and staff management. Data can be transmitted via satellite or cellular and the company can receive and generate reports for immediate decision making and view data over periods of time that help plan and make decisions for future improvement. Companies know which vehicles need maintenance or replacement and which drivers are the most productive and the safest by the driver profile created through fleet management and tracking. Companies save because of improved efficiency and productivity as well as less loss due to the increased security and control of vehicles and cargo. The information transmitted may include when the doors of the vehicle open and close, whether the engine is turned on or off and whether idling or in use. Useful maintenance information includes tire pressure, operation of vehicle lights and battery, emergency status and hard or soft braking. All such information can be used to improve the operation of a fleet, whether public transport, service or delivery vehicles, or a vehicle in another function such as an emergency vehicle, companies can rely on the collection, transmittal and reporting of valuable information that leads to improved operations and greater productivity.